We approach every grooming as an individual experience for your pet – we will evaluate the needs of your specific dog and work with you to develop a plan to make coat care as easy as possible for you and your pooch. Check out our menu and prices below. *

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!! Attention New Clients !!

At this time, we are only accepting clients who are committed to having their dog groomed every 4-8 weeks.

Bath – This is your basic “tidy up” service for short-hair dogs or between grooming maintenance. For more information about our Bath service, click here.

Basic – This is a bath and haircut service for those low-maintenance styles. Perfect for folks who want a short haircut, senior dogs who can no longer tolerate extensive grooming sessions, or those outdoorsy types who are very active. For more information about our Basic Grooming service, click here.

Deluxe – This is a bath and haircut service for those who want their dogs to have some serious style. These cuts include breed-specific patterns or haircuts where we are leaving more than 3/4″ in length. Due to the skill and extensive scissor work required, styles in this category must be maintained on a maximum 6-week rotation and pet parents are expected to brush diligently at home. For more information about our Deluxe Grooming service, click here.

Small Dogs< 20lb
Short Hair$27$48NA
Medium Hair$32$53$58
Long Hair$37$58$63
Medium Dogs 21-40lb
Short Hair$32$53NA
Medium Hair$37$58$63
Long Hair$42$63$69
Large Dogs 41-65lb
Short Hair$42$58NA
Medium Hair$48$63$84
Long Hair$58$74$95
X-Large Dogs66-90lb
66lb – 90lbBathBasicDeluxe
Short Hair$53$74NA
Medium Hair$58$79$90
Long Hair$69$90$105
Giant Dogs 91lb+
Short Hair$63$79NA
Medium Hair$69$100$116
Long Hair$79$105$126

*Please remember, final prices are dependent on your individual dog’s coat condition and temperament. Prices on this menu are subject to change.