This is a bath and haircut service for low maintenance styles. Perfect for folks who want a short haircut, senior dogs or those outdoorsy types who are very active.

Cuts will be one length all over with the hair length to exceed no more than 3/4″, sanitary trim and scissoring of feet and face for a cute, easy to maintain style. Your dog’s nails will be clipped and filed, ears cleaned and checked, and anal glands checked. This will be followed with a cleansing bath with coat-specific shampoo and conditioner and a tear-stain reducing facial scrub. They will be finished up with forced-air and fluff dry. Finishing touches include bows or bowties/necklaces and a spritz of our seasonal Les Poochs cologne. De-matting not included.

Small Dogs< 20lb
Short Hair$48
Medium Hair$53
Long Hair$58
Medium Dogs21-40lb
Short Hair$53
Medium Hair$58
Long Hair$63
Large Dogs41-65lb
Short Hair$58
Medium Hair$63
Long Hair$74
X-Large Dogs66-90lb
Short Hair$74
Medium Hair$79
Long Hair$90
Giant Dogs90lb +
Short Hair$79
Medium Hair$100
Long Hair$105