At Rover Valley Natural Pet, we offer full-service luxury grooming for dogs under 35lb. What is luxury grooming? We’re glad you asked.

🐾 Straight through appointments – your dog is usually here about 90 minutes and spends minimal time in a crate.
🐾 We use the best products we can find and each bath is tailored to your dog’s unique needs and coat requirements. We proudly use these brands: Best Shot, Iv San Bernard, Warren London, Madra Mor & Les Poochs.
🐾 With every bath or haircut we include: clipping and filing the nails, checking the anal glands, and cleaning the ears.
🐾 We hand dry every dog – no cage drying.
🐾 Available Add ons include: PlaqClnz for fresh breath, Warren London anti-itch foot soak, Madra Mor Deep Deshedding Treatment, digital or printed portraits and more.
🐾 40+ years combined experience in dog grooming means we will help you find the style that fits your lifestyle and budget and puts your pup’s comfort first and foremost.
🐾 Between bath/groom maintenance including brush-outs and face trims available.
🐾 Quiet and laid-back atmosphere (Usually. Noodle, we’re looking at you!).

If you are interested in becoming a new client, please text us at (479) 222-5646 for a new client form. New clients will be added to the schedule as space becomes available. We are no longer accepting pets over 35lb.