This is a bath and haircut service for those who want their dogs to have some serious style. These cuts include breed-specific patterns or haircuts where we are leaving more than 3/4″ in length. Due to the skill and extensive scissor work required, styles in this category must be maintained on a maximum 6-week rotation and pet parents are expected to brush diligently at home.

Your dog’s nails will be clipped and filed, ears cleaned and checked and anal glands checked. This will be followed with a cleansing bath with coat-specific shampoo and conditioner and a tear-stain reducing facial scrub. They will be finished up with forced-air and fluff dry. Finishing touches include bows bowties/collars and a spritz of our seasonal Les Poochs cologne. De-matting not included.

Small Dogs< 20lb
Short HairN/A
Medium Hair$58
Long Hair$63
Medium Dogs21-40lb
Short HairN/A
Medium Hair$63
Long Hair$69
Large Dogs41-65lb
Short HairN/A
Medium Hair$84
Long Hair$95
X-Large Dogs66-90lb
Short HairN/A
Medium Hair$90
Long Hair$105
Giant Dogs91lb +
Short HairN/A
Medium Hair$116
Long Hair$126