!! Attention New Clients !!

As of February 2022 we are currently waitlisted for new clients as we have no availability through the end of 2022. If you are interested in becoming a new client, please text us at (479) 222-5646 for a new client form. New clients will be added to the schedule as space becomes available.

We are not currently accepting pets over 35lb.

Doodles – various breeds mixed with poodles – have unique coats and unique needs. Depending on their coat texture and the condition of their coat, grooming can be more time consuming than an average dog. In order to ensure that your doodle gets the haircut you want and can maintain, we are only accepting new Doodle clients who put their dogs on a maintenance program and visit us at minimum of every 6 weeks.

Bath – This is your basic “tidy up” service for between grooming maintenance. 

Basic – This is a bath and haircut service for those low-maintenance styles. Perfect for folks who want a short haircut, senior dogs who can no longer tolerate extensive grooming sessions, or those outdoorsy types who are very active. 

Deluxe – This is a bath and haircut service for those who want their dogs to have some serious style. These cuts include where we are leaving more than 3/4″ in length. Due to the skill and extensive scissor work required, styles in this category must be maintained on a maximum 4-week rotation and pet parents are expected to brush diligently at home. 

Small Doodles (< 40lb)$50$66$77
Doodles (41-65lb)$60$77$94
Large Doodles (66lb +)$66$88$110
Giant Doodles (90+)$77$99$132