Reminder Policy – Clients will receive an automated appointment reminder message the day before their appointment (technology willing.) All clients should respond to these reminders. If you do not receive your reminder, please let us know.  All communication regarding appointments should be sent in response to the appointment reminders (not our regular phone number.) 

Cancellation/No Show Policy – Clients can cancel their appointment with no fee until 5:00 pm the day before their appointment. This allows time to fill the appointment and make changes to our schedule. Clients who cancel after 5:00 pm will be subject to a last minute cancellation fee. The first occurance is 50% of the appointment total, all future occurrences are 100% of the appointment total payable at or before the next appointment.

Late Policy – Clients should always call or text if they believe they are going to be late in order to make arrangements. Clients who are more than 15 minutes late may lose their appointment. No-show and last minute cancellation fees may apply.

Communication Policy – Clients should be available for text communication if at all possible. Your groomer may have questions and will also need to get a hold of you for pick up. Clients who are not able to check their phone from time to time should reschedule for a day or time when they can be reached unless arrangements have been made at drop-off.

Pick-up Policy – We are a straight-through grooming facility and appointments range from 1-3 hours (can vary for multiple dog households.) Clients are required to pick up their pet(s) within one hour after completion of grooming, unless otherwise noted and agreed upon at drop-off. Limited crate space means dogs cannot be boarded after completion. 

Dematting Policy – Dematting is a painful and time-consuming process. Dogs who are consistently matted will need to be stripped down for their health and safety, and must keep their 4-6 week grooming appointments. Dematting is entirely at the discretion of the groomer and may be offered once. Charges vary on severity and time at the rate of $60/hour. These options will be discussed with the client before any services are rendered.

Please note that matted dogs may experience pain and discomfort during the dematting process. If your dog is matted, we recommend that you bring them in for a consultation so that we can discuss the best course of action for their individual needs.

Behavior Policy – Services will be terminated, even if incomplete, if the dog becomes too anxious, aggressive, or difficult to continue and poses a threat to itself or our groomers. While we will do everything we can to accommodate anxious dogs, senior dogs, and other special needs, dogs with known aggression issues will not be accepted. We do not sedate or use calming medications. We must be informed if dogs are on any pain or anxiety medication.