Our Approach

Rover Valley Natural Pet offers practical experience, integrity, product quality, and competitive pricing.  Our goal is to provide you an opportunity to couple your personal knowledge of your pet with our pet care expertise, creating a mutually respectful partnership. Together, we can create a customized plan for your pet’s nutritional and grooming needs to fit your income and lifestyle.

Our Story

Rover Valley Natural Pet is a true “family” business. We met while working together at The Whole Pet. When the time came to go out on our own, we took the leap. Together, Maggie, Kris & Tina have a combined 34+ years of experience in the pet business and grooming and we’re ready to offer our clients the best service possible.

Meet the Team

The heart of our team will always be our furry kids and clients,  who inspire us every day to be the people they think we are. We take a paws on approach to everything from researching the products we carry to making sure your fur babies feel like one of the gang during their grooming or shopping trips. These are some of the faces you’re likely to see when you visit.

Kris Minkle

Owner / Chief Operating Pawficer

My Emotional Support TV Show: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Maggie Victory

Owner / Chief Financial Pawficer

My Emotional Support TV Show: The Great British Bake-Off.

Tina Martin

Groomy Groomer Extraordinaire

My Emotional Support TV Show: MST3K & Rifftrax


Hooman Resources Director



Security Pawficer

Chihuahua mix


Head of Pup-lick Relations

Shih Tzu


Senior Barketing Director